Our Story

RosaMaria’s officially opened in North San Bernardino on Jan.16th, 1975. But the company’s roots started years earlier in the orange groves of sunny Highland, California. The founders, Jose and Guadalupe Robles, husband and wife, started out modestly enough. Jose worked in the orange groves while Guadalupe was busy managing the home for Jose and their children. Every morning the aroma of freshly made tortillas would fill the house as Guadalupe prepared the day’ smeals for her family. This included Jose’s lunch he would take with him to work. One of Jose’s favorite meals was his wife’s delicious burritos, which he would share with his co-workers. Soon the demand for the mouth watering burritos had Jose and Guadalupe realizing they had something special happening. They decided to try and turn Guadalupe’s cooking talents into a chance for a better life for the family. They decided to open up Rosa Maria’s.

They knew it would be a lot of hard work and struggle, but the family had never let that deter them. Rosa Maria’s has been, and remains,a family owned and operated business since that opening day in 1975. At every location you can still enjoy the aroma of fresh hand made tortillas filling the kitchen, along with home made rellenos, beans, rice, pork burritos, and tacos-just some of the mouth watering items they serve. The world famous garbage burrito is a must try.

Rosa Marias has become a destination restaurant in Southern California. And for those lucky enough to have grown up near one, it is well known that you can always find a friendly, familiar face at the counter to serve you delicious, fresh, natural, comfort food. Rosa Maria’s is not just a business, but part of the community.
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